Wild and Exotic

Edulis Group, founded in 1974, specialises in producing, processing and distributing top quality wild mushrooms.

We strive to bring you only the best mushrooms ranging from the “King of Mushrooms’ Porcini®, to the exquisite and exclusive Chanterelle, to the hugely popular Shiitake mushroom. We also offer the rare and sought after Maitake, Shimeji, Enolki and Eryngii.

At Edulis Group, we specialise in sourcing the finest mushrooms for all your culinary desires.


The only time a professional truffle-hunter will take someone with him is when he is absolutely certain that his location will remain a secret.

Wearing gumboots and a hunting jacket with big pockets, armed with a stick, a funny-shaped digging tool and a small diligent dog, you are ready to go hunting for these most esteemed and precious mushrooms.
But very rarely will any of us find a truffle to ‘pick’.

These are the food of the Gods, Kings and Pigs.


Country Mushrooms is the Leading company in Cultivated Mushrooms, Related  and value added products through excellence in People, Products, Customer Service, Innovation and sustainable profitable growth by the cultivation and harvesting of Button and Portabellini’s



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